Well played, God.

Last night I was prepping for an assignment that is a presentation in front of the class on a health subject that we know and are passionate about. The subject I chose and that lies close to my heart is food/clean eating to prevent/end disease. This is so close to me because of the disease that took my Grandmother, my Mother really. And reading about the disease to refresh names and facts and how it works is stressful to me. Stressful because I don’t even like to acknowledge that it exists, stressful because it brings up memories and emotions that are uncomfortable. It’s like any time or thought I give this disease brings it closer to me, makes me feel more likely of it happening to me. And I’ve never spoken about it in front of a group of people, and although my class is odd as far as college classes go it’s still a lot of myself to put out there to put myself in a situation where I could be overwhelmed by emotions while trying to speak about something that is more than just about me. I don’t want to discuss it in a way that is only about me or have me be the focus instead of the information. 

As I’m sitting there sweating, reading about how I could potentially die, (to be fair it’s actually really unlikely but that doesn’t stop my emotions from getting the best of me) a msg pops up on FB of someone who’s just read my blog and is thanking me for putting myself out there like that, telling me how much she appreciates it. Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve definitely found in the past 18 months that the more of myself I put out there the more I get back, in all aspects. But still I struggle with it, it’s not easy and I often have to give myself a hard shove out of my comfort zone knowing it will be for the best and I would regret not doing it later. Sometimes I need a shove from outside sources, and just when I needed it I got it. You can call it coincidence, I don’t. 

It was also a good shove to get back at this, and I do have something I wanted to share in here but wasn’t finding the time for it, but now here it is. 

I had an interesting lecture a few days ago in functional anatomy that put something into perspective for me. The class is all muscles, and we were talking about the abdominal section. He put up a picture of a guy and girl with 6-8 packs and said: “To have these muscles show like this you have to have around 7% body fat, at that low of a percentage women lose their periods and the visceral fat surrounding the organs is depleted. Is it healthy to have that low body fat? No, it’s really hard on your body and organs. As fitness and health promoters you have to decide, do you want to promote this look?” 

I never had the aim for the well defined abs look, I would like some tone to my tummy, but even if that never happens it won’t affect the way I view my level of health. Everything is attainable, but there can be costs, it’s up to you on whether it is worth it and how you weight your decisions. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to sacrifice health for a certain look, and I hope that I never promote something that leads people to make that choice. 


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