This gets easier.

When I started this journey to lose weight I didn’t start by counting calories, that seemed WAY to hard. I started by cutting out grains and limiting portion size, and because I had been overeating SO much it worked for a long time, and I thought eliminating grains was “the answer”. Clearly it was grains making me fat. With more knowledge and time it became clear that it was the calorie deficit that was important, not a certain food group. In the beginning I had such a hard time staying under my allotted calories, without the huge amount that running burned I would never have been able to manage it. But lately I have noticed that even on days that I haven’t worked out, without even trying I end up below my calorie goal (1600 in case anyone is wondering). It’s been two years and now I find I just make better food choices and eat smaller amounts so that it’s no longer a chore. Sure I have days where I eat something indulgent, probably more days than you would think. But it ends up balancing out and maintaining a healthy weight is easier than I ever thought it would be. Well really I am still losing, even when I wasn’t working out and was barely watching what I ate I was still losing. As someone who was sure that she was just meant to be a big girl this is amazing to me. I cannot imagine how many mindless calories I must have been eating to maintain a weight 90lbs heavier than now. Today I do still track though, I have a bit more I want to lose, and I don’t find tracking to be a chore, it keeps me aware. But it is nice to know that if I want to eventually I can just rely on the habits and the tools I have gained and continue to live in the body I have now, a body that I am really loving lately. A body that I am excited to put into a size small mint green dress this weekend. 


About Felicia

Dreamer, Mother, wife, Fitness Enthusiast.
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