Seeing Love.

This year: I will turn 30, happily. Aging is a gift we don’t all receive, and I feel I’m doing it well. No complaints.
This year: I will focus on living and loving each day, will choose that life and love over fear, choose happiness over any negativity that attempts to invade me.
This year: I will focus on all that I have gained, and not what I have lost. Although I don’t feel I will ever be done learning from my past, I need to learn to flip through it quickly, instead of pouring over it and letting myself get lost in those memories.
This year: I will do what I can, with the means that I have, to help others conquer fear and enjoy living.
This year I will make myself no promises, I will set no deadlines on becoming who I want to be, and things I hope to accomplish, but I will grow and change and succeed and fail, and choose to Live and Laugh and Love in each moment, and do my best to let nothing ruin that for me. 

“And I feel love in spite of myself
And I feel love to frighten myself
And I feel love and I feel nothing else”


About Felicia

Dreamer, Mother, wife, Fitness Enthusiast.
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